Fred Enanga: This is to inform the general public that 3 people were killed, and 9 others injured


This is to inform the general public that 3 people were killed, and 9 others injured, in two separate accidents, that involved a total number of 6 vehicles, at Mukoko village, located 15 kilometres, along the Masaka-Kampla highway, in Kalungu District.
The first incident, which occurred at around 0500 hrs, involved two buses; an ISUZU bus under Reg. no. UAT 728F, belonging to Jaguar Bus Co., that was heading to Mbarara from Kampala; and a HYUNDAI bus, under Reg. no. RAD 793D that belonged to Volcano Bus Co. Ltd. The two buses narrowly avoided a head on collision and brushed against each other, forcing the volcano bus to swerve off the road into the nearby bushes, while the Jaguar bus, swerved and parked on the shoulder of the road, leaving part of its rear side into the road space. This led to a chain reaction collision after a Blue, Mercedes Benz, semi trailer, under Reg. no. UAV 384G and a FUSO Lorry, white in color, under Reg. no. UAV 860B, both from the Kampala side, rammed into the buses.
The second incident, involving two additional vehicles, also occurred a few moments after, at the same spot, when a FUSO lorry, blue in color, under Reg. no. UAT 262, that was transporting cement to Mbarara, came at a terrible speed, and ploughed the back of the Jaguar bus, instantly killing, Gatete Johnson a 40 year old, Rwandese passenger who was seated in the hind seat; and thereafter knocked dead, the OC Traffic Kalungu District, IP Kweyamba Deogratius, who was on duty at Lukaya Police Station, and had responded to the first traffic incident. The Officer was dragged a distance of 56 metres by the lorry, and was again run over by an approaching vehicle from Masaka, a Nissan Hard body, silver in color, under Reg. no. UAD 712 Z. A passenger in the FUSO lorry, who was identified as Byamukama Andrew, a 40 year old, male adult from Mbarara, died during the accident.
The 9 injured persons included; Oneza Kireza, a 25 year old, male adult, from Kigali and a passenger in the Volcano Bus; Kamako Isobi, a 26 year old, Japanese male, from Mutungo, Nakawa Division, Kampala; Mukandoli Kadiya, a 50 year old, Rwandese, and a passenger in the Jaguar bus; Nyagatare Frank, a Rwandese, male adult, and a passenger in the Volcano bus; Kogu David, a 37 year old, Kenyan, and a passenger in the Volcano bus; Basongo Ndaguye Dadi, a 36 year old, Congolese passenger, in the Volcano bus; Nsamba Abdalla, a 32 year old, Ugandan, and semi-trailer, turn man from Kawanda, Wakiso; Saeed Abdalla, a 30 year old, Burundian passenger in the Volcano bus; and D/SGT Kiiza Emilian, a 50 year old, Police officer attached to Mukoko Police Post. In addition an American passenger, only identified as Haylid Wright, escaped with minor injuries.
The bodies to the 3 deceased persons and the 9 injured were transported to Masaka Referral Hospital for post mortem examination and medical attention respectively. However, two foreign nationals out of the injured persons, from America and Japan were transferred to the International Hospital Kampala upon establishing contact with their respective Embassies.
We want to extend our deepest condolences to the family, friends and fellow officers mourning the tragic loss of IP Kweyamba Deogratious, who will be remembered for his brave and dedicated service to the community. May the souls of the departed ones rest in peace, as we wish all the injured persons, quick recovery.
The police would like to urge all motorists and road users to abide by the traffic rules, avoid over speeding and keep safe distances at all times, especially during poor weather conditions. For instance, the chain reaction collision could have been avoided, if the drivers drove at speed limits that suited the foggy conditions or completely pulled off the road and waited for the fog to clear, to ensure their safety.
All the wreckages to the 6 vehicles were transferred to Masaka Police Station, and the road clear for traffic flow. A detailed traffic report will be release in due course upon thorough investigations.

CP Fred Enanga
Press and Public Relations Officer
Uganda Police


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