IGP Kale Kayihura: I would wish to convey our special greetings and good wishes to all Muslims in Uganda and other parts

I would wish to convey our special greetings and good wishes to all Muslims in Uganda and other parts, during this Eid celebration; that marks the end of the Holy month of Ramadan. As millions head to the local mosques for special Eid prayers to celebrate and express gratitude, followed by festivities among families, friends and neighbors, we want to assure the public and in particular, the Muslim community, of their safety during the celebrations.


The celebrations come at a time when the country is generally peaceful and secure with no new threats, but as security, we are actively monitoring and assessing the most recent terrorist attacks in Somalia, Saudi Arabia and Turkey including yesterday’s attacks in Iraq.
As a result, we are reviewing our security arrangements and have stepped up our measures, with a slight increase in the number of officers that will be policing the celebrations. I want to commend all members of the Police and other sister security agencies for their active role and vigilance throughout the month of Ramadan. I further call upon them to continue being alert as community safety is our top priority.
We also encourage members of the public especially the Muslim community, to be alert and take greater precautions by reporting any suspicious activity to Police, other security personnel or LC officials for immediate action.
I want to conclude that inspite of the recent isolated incidents in Gulu, Uganda as a country remains peaceful and stable; with very appropriate security arrangements both visible and non visible that have kept the public and country safe.
Happy Eid.

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