Investment Paramount for the Middle Income Status by 2020


By Hannah Grace Nyombi


Last Friday, June 24, 2016, H.E President Yoweri Museveni held the 1st Inaugural Cabinet meeting with his new cabinet, where he tasked them with his 15 Point Plan that is expected of them, to take Uganda to the middle income status by 2020. Uganda is currently a lower income country and the transition from lower income to lower middle income country will mean our Gross National Income should escalate from about $1045 to over $2000, which is going to be no easy task.  Drastic measures have to be taken to attain the middle income status. Among them was encouragement of investment in the country. He expects no more delays when it comes to licensing investors with a compact period of two days. The president stressed that he was utterly disgusted by the fact that investors come to this country willingly and they are tossed about as if they are employers, which is extremely unfortunate. This is treacherous to our country because these investors would otherwise have taken this opportunity elsewhere with similar raw materials and a much faster licensing system. This vision for Uganda cannot come to fruition with such a choke point in the system.


The president also mentioned that there should be a provision for conduction of feasibility of potential products across the whole spectrum of our raw materials of agriculture and minerals, including skills and products of the brain for presentation to the foreign investors.

I believe this will give us the upper hand when it comes to making decisions about what these foreign investors can and should insert their efforts in. It also makes us knowledgeable on how many opportunities we have and how much we can do to change our country. The moment we realise this, that is when we shall stop the dragging and get on with moving into the middle income status.



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