We Look Forward to Seeing Uganda Airlines Flying Again!


John Khaukha

If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again. As he was delivering the 15 presidential directives during the inauguration speech to the new ministers, President Museveni said he thought that he did not care about Uganda having its own airline because he thought the existence of Ethiopian Airlines, Kenya Airlines and South African Airlines would serve Ugandans fairly well as fellow African brothers but rather their high ticket prices proved to be betrayal.

On this baseline, the president has thought about reviving our own Ugandan national airline in the next four years, two decades of its collapse, and this will save Uganda millions of dollars per year which may be redirected to other sectors. According to the president, the airline will also be a source of employment for Ugandans. By having the national airline, Ugandans will incur less travel costs on international travels, attract more foreign investors and this will be the source of revenue to the government.

“The Ministry of Works and Transport is directed to conclude discussions with the investors that can help us start a National Airline,” the president affirmed. Given the fact that he is eying Uganda to reach a lower middle income status in the next four years, the president has seen the need of Uganda having its own airline which is one of the standards of any middle income nation. The nation is expectant and hopes the line ministers, assigned to this task will accomplish it within the stipulated time because we are looking forward to see Uganda Airlines back in the air!

Indeed, as the president stated we deserve having our own airlines; and on this directive, we are in motion steadily progressing towards our 2020 dream of turning Uganda into a lower middle income status country.


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