By AngellaAbushedde

“What we do for ourselves dies with us. What we do for others and the world, is and remains immortal.”

One doesn’t have to shed blood or offer his body to be burned to become a hero. Touching lives and making a big difference is enough. Such are teachers, law enforcement officers and health workers and other professionals whose work is not often talked about but is significant.


Teaching is one of the toughest professions to deal with. Teachers toil and sweat in the classroom, but the efforts seem to be imprisoned by the high walls of the school. If there is any profession that is all encompassing, which involves imparting and impacting on young minds, continuing from where parents stop every week, discovering talents to be developed and showcased, it is the teaching profession.


Teachers are our substitute parents, modelers of young minds and the essence of truthfulness. The teaching occupation, whether in the public or private schools is not all about the time duration of teaching, either forty or fifty minutes every period as the case may be or test the note- books of the students. Often the teacher is the one who determines that such and such students have talents for drawing or painting, making speeches, spelling, cooking, calculating, singing, acting and listening  and much more goes ahead to spur these students to make the best of what they are blessed with.The teacher does not stop there, he goes ahead to enter such students for competitions with the consent of the school, and is also there to boost their confidence. You need to see the teacher when such students excel, he becomes a cheerleader.

Further, a school is the second home of every student. Within this portal, teachers are our unsung heroes who spend their time, effort and even money to make our educational journey worthwhile. Teachers protect, love and care for children, just like their parents do. They change the student’s whole world by providing a good learning environment and by teaching the necessary skills to survive in the harsh world. Furthermore, they give their best to make the students learn, putting their patience to the test, so long as the students can finally learn to stand on their own feet. Moreover, during hard times they offer their shoulders and motivate them to achieve the goal in any situation.

Teaching is the noblest profession. Teachers are burdened with many things like personality development, molding young minds so that they become responsible and disciplined citizens of the world. Right from teaching the ABC’s to the more complicated lessons, teachers give their best by providing various exercises, projects, research, and tests. They are ideal role model of perfect citizen, moral and are a motivation for hard work.

They aren’t the highest paid and yet they diligently do their jobs of molding, educating and impacting on the nation. They are heroes for enduring all the challenges and giving their best.


Perhaps the hardest working people in our midst are the law enforcement officers or policemen. And even if they are not the most hard working they are under the spotlight more than anyone else. They are sought at the drop of a hat and that is how it should be in any society.

Over the years, society has changed radically. Criminals are more daring, more desperate and are even crueler. Many lack the intelligence that separates man from animals hence they needlessly kill their victims, unaware that they place themselves in deeper trouble when they kill as opposed to when they simply rob.

During the past year the police saw the need to increase patrols around the city and its environments. The government was called in to spend millions of dollars more and while some may feel that the expenditure is not worth the while, the evidence that the police actually catch people at the scene of crimes tells a different story.

The prevailing social conditions are asking them to do even more. They are being pressed to solve crimes almost as soon as they happen. They do not have the technology that abounds in those countries with infinitely more resources than the Uganda Police Force.

The police are hardly recognized for their efforts because the society still feel that they, the police, are against people, a carryover from the days when the very police were forced to react violently in the face of execution of their ranks.
Those were grim days when many people who were supposed to be law abiding citizens were in fact gunmen having been enticed by the money flaunted criminals. These were the days when the police opted to be more aggressive. They have maintained the aggression in the pursuit of criminals but they are less likely to use extreme force.

Theirs is a thankless job. The abuse the police suffers from crowds when they apprehend criminals who suddenly appear to be the victims is nothing short of distressful. However, the professionalism of the policemen see them coping with the abuses. On occasions they could arrest some of the inciteful crowds but they do not. And to compound their already pressed schedule they must deal with the errant road users; with the various cases of domestic violence, using tact where necessary.

The police may not be the most liked people in our society but they are certainly very important. Because of their steadfastness people felt safer. The market vendors are bearing testimony to this. They now want a constant police presence in the market areas. That is why the public must be more supportive. They must come forward to report crimes. Their support and the dedication of the police will make the country a safer place for all. Although we have had some bad elements in the police, the work the force does is incredible. We celebrate them for braving the sun, the rain, chaos and even exposing their lives to death to protect us and our property.


We often forget how much care, guidance and support, and the sacrifices health workers make to restore us to good health. Health workers — whether a doctor, nurse, midwife, paramedic, ambulance driver or physician’s assistant are people who devote their lives to saving the lives of others. They are the integral part of Uganda’s health system and necessary for the delivery of quality health.

As Uganda celebrates Heroes Day this year, we are reminded of the critical role health workers play in our country. Health workers are the unsung heroes of healthcare, quietly caring for patients with compassion and professionalism. Every day around Uganda, health workers perform their duties without fanfare, saving lives, bringing healing to the sick and ensuring dignity for the dying.

The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that more than 1 billion people have little to no access to health workers. This is due to a global shortage of skilled, motivated and supported health workers. The entire continent of Africa has only 4 percent of the world’s health workforce, yet shares 25 percent of the world’s disease burden. Therefore our health workers are just a snapshot of the many dedicated professionals who provide health.

Continued investment in strengthening and supporting health workers by the government is integral to advancing our health agenda across the globe. As part of this effort, the government is committed to the development and wellbeing of health workers who are integral in driving effective strategy development and implementation that impacts the delivery of quality care. By developing the leaders of tomorrow, we can work on strengthening health systems and carry the health workforce agenda forward.

Teachers, law enforcement officers and health workers should not be forgotten, but must be honored at all times. After all, without them where would. We all know a teacher, a police officer, a midwife, nurse or that man who cleans after us so we are in a clean environment. Go out there and celebrate them, appreciate their work and don’t take anything for granted.



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