German Marketing firm KPRN create social media channels ‘Tourismus Uganda’

German Marketing firm KPRN team have now created social media channels ‘Tourismus Uganda.’


KPRN Network describes itself as “one of Germany’s foremost full-service PR and Marketing consultancies, focusing on tourism and lifestyle” and has over the years won many accolades within the travel industry. Headquartered in Frankfurt, Germany, KPRN Network was founded in 1994 by Hanna Kleber after an illustrious career in the global travel industry.

The firm has worked with Thailand (20 years), South Africa (15 years) and Namibia (12 years).


“Uganda is a destination with great potential for the German speaking markets. With our expertise in destination marketing for the African continent and our close contacts to the tourism industry and to media partners, we have the best set up in order to increase the awareness of Uganda as an attractive holiday destination,” Ms. Kleber said.

Links to social media platforms below:


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