Thank you UPDF for evacuating Ugandans from South Sudan despite the challenges

Government invested endless efforts in the rescue of Ugandans from troubled South Sudan. This was majorly done by Uganda People’s Defense Forces (UPDF) and the Uganda Police despite the ambush and the absence of air transport, giving up was not an option.

Many were uncomfortable with the use of road transport particularly buses to evacuate Ugandans from South Sudan due to the insecure airport, but the government through UPDF and Police took the risk. Now that Ugandan government no longer had its troops in the area (South Sudan), it was quite difficult for the UPDF to figure out as quickly as possible which areas were safer to use while rescuing its nationals, however, they still used all possible means of sending troops to the country so as to figure out the safest way to evacuate Ugandans.

Following the insecurities at the Airport, air means couldn’t be used and this made things even more difficult and many had lost hope, but still the Government adopted other means of rescue, it is true that it was risky for these soldiers but they used all the skills and as trained soldiers, they handled the ambush that almost hindered their progress and still proceeded and made it to Gumbo market where thousands of Ugandans from different parts of South Sudan had camped waiting for evacuation and they indeed evacuated them.

Despite the various challenges like the big number that turned up for rescue than the registered number, including other country’s nationals like a one Elijah Nyaderi who was a Kenyan national, they still stayed and protected those that remained until more buses came to their evacuation.

We are glad that the rescued realized the efforts the government had to make to return them safely to their families and verbally thanked president Museveni and his united army. It did not matter, with or without planes, Ugandans and even other countries’ nationals like Kenyans and some South Sudanese are now safe in Uganda.

By Pamela Nayebare


Pictorial (  Courtesy photos )


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