UNRA is seeking collaboration with other roads authorities in the region – Allen Kagina

The First Meeting of the Chief Executives of the Eastern Africa Regional Roads Authorities.


Kampala, Serena Hotel – The Uganda National Roads Authority (UNRA) is seeking collaboration with other roads authorities in the region to establish a platform for information exchange, sharing of experiences and competencies, and to foster cooperation in the area of road infrastructure and ultimately spur economic growth in the region.
The first such meeting will be hosted at the Kampala Serena Hotel today and will be attended by heads of roads authorities from Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda and Ethiopia. Having initially confirmed participation, South Sudan have unfortunately not been able to make it.
The objective of the meeting is to discuss the ways and means to establishing a forum which will be the framework for exchange of information and capacity building for roads authorities in the region.
National roads serve the national and international strategic needs of customers whose expectations must be considered during the planning and operation of road networks. This can only be done successfully if the roads authorities work collaboratively to formulate and implement holistic strategic plans taking into account the region’s needs.
Collaboration will create room for sharing of information and lessons, as well as increase the profiles of these authorities and the bargaining power for resources for national and regionally supported programs. It will also introduce comparativeness which is a basis for measuring performance in a business environment. This will ultimately result in better service delivery to the public, our primary objective.
Allen C. Kagina
Executive Director.


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