Political Leaders Should Guide People Out of Poverty



By CarolyneMuyama

The Joint Political Leadership Retreat at the National Leadership Institute (NALI), Kyankwanzicontinued today with a lecture from President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni on regional Geopolitical security and its consequential impact on the economy.

He said, “In in order for us to guarantee our prosperity we need to work with the rest of the region, we can’t move far alone. We need people who are compatible with us, those with whom we share common interests.”

The President urged political leaders to guide people on what economic activities they can engage in to earn money to support their families.

President Museveni invited a group of farmers from Kyankwanzi to give testimony of how they have embraced the message on farming to get out of poverty.

The farmers narrated how they listened to the President’s message on embracing agriculture and started raring cattle and now have big farms and are selling milk and beef from which they earn an average of Shs.72m per year.

One of the farmers, Mr. David Mutabazi said, “I started by selling 20 litres of milk from the local cows that I had but the quantity increased to 600 litreswhen I crossbred my cows. I have managed to educate six children through University and I support several others.”

The rest of the presentations concentrated on effective service delivery as a means to achieve socio-economic transformation.

Prof Ezra Surumain his presentation on ‘Ensuring Effective Service Delivery’ appealed to MDAs to set clear priorities, break them into achievable targets anddevelop proper reporting mechanisms to monitor implementation.

Dr.Suruma said, “Make a routine reporting system to capture the progress on priority areas.Regular reporting cannot be compromised!”

The State House Comptroller Mrs. Lucy NakyobeMbonye called upon the Ministry of Finance to engage Ministers and Permanent Secretaries to understand their priorities so that they allocate funds accordingly.




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