Museveni Determined to Fight against Corruption #LeadershipRetreat16


During the swearing in of Cabinet and State Ministers, President Museveni mentioned that this new cabinet was to bring change, he said he had appointed capable people who are going to take Uganda to the middle income status.
His cabinet is filled with technocrats who know about their particular trade for example Hon. Ruth Acheing who is a well experienced doctor as Minister for Health.

However he did not only praise his cabinet, he also warned them against vices that their predecessors have been prone to. He emphasised the fact that he will not tolerate government officials that drag their feet when it comes to making important decisions that will take Uganda to the next level. He also stressed his fight against corruption. He mentioned it during his address on the state of the nation, and the budget, and I am sure he will continue to remind the public of his determination to fight corruption.

This indicates the determination of the President to take Uganda to the next level. His combat against corruption has been a long one but this focus and stress on the topic shows us that he is driven and ready to fight against corruption.

By Hannah Grace Nyombi

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