The Eastern region are beneficiaries of NRM government



All I should say whenever I hear of the liberation day are the benefits that Ugandans and people in the East have achieved for the time that National Resistance Movement has been in power. While the people in Masindi were hosting the president I was in the East enjoying some of the facilities in my area among these is the hospital that was just concluded in Iganga, its not a new hospital but it has been renovated and many other buildings have been built to my surprise because I couldn’t expect such blocks in a short period of time and this reminded me of what the president is always telling people that his governance is about delivering services and mainly in the health sector.

On education I have to admit free education has been provided to the people in the East and in my district Iganga schools on universal primary Education system are performing well to the surprise of many private schools and these include Iganga municipal council primary school,Kasokoso primary school and Noor Islamic. Universal secondary education too has helped many families of people who cannot afford private schools and now the region has reduced the number of illiterates as it was alleged in the 90’s.The education sector has greatly developed and am a beneficiary of the education system.

The government has provided clean and safe water to 75% of Ugandans in the Eastern region and 65% to those in rural areas and this has decreased the level of diesaes like typhoid that was always affecting people due to the contaminated water that they always used from unclean places like wells and dams.

The tremendous advancement in infrastructures and the improved standards of living in the region are also the major reasons as to why people in the East will vote for president Museveni because by the time the government got into power the structures in the region were not modern and improved as such but now towns like jinja, Iganga, Bugiri and kamuli have structures that are rated highly in terms of modernity and design. The list is endless because I have seen many developments in my area in the past 15 years that I have been keenly observing the developments in the country meaning total transformation and absolute reformation.

With all that present in the East I don’t think am wrong to say that it’s a steady progress.

Michael woira

Iganga Resident.


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