G.A.L to procure necessary reagent to ascertain composition of narcotic drugs

2016-08-06 12.16.57

The Aviation Police at Entebbe Airport maintains stores in which items intercepted at the Airport are kept. These items include narcotics such as Heroin, cocaine, metaphetamine, marijuana, to mention but a few.

Uganda Police Force last destroyed narcotic drugs intercepted at the Airport in 2014, after obtaining a court order. Similarly, the aviation Police this week obtained a court oder from entebbe chief margistrates court signed by the magistrate on 4.08.2016 to dispose of over 120.41kg of narcotics.

From 2014 to 2015, thirty seven suspects were arrested. They were arraigned before the Chief Magistrates at Entebbe Chief Magistrates Court and they were all convicted except for two suspects who passed on during the early stages of the trial. Those who passed on were identified as Valenti Richard Rojas Fabrico from Uruguay and Twizire Peace of Ugandan nationality. This year alone, four (4) supects have been arrested in possession of narcotic drugs at the Airport.

Early last year, a complaint reached the IGP that the composition of the narcotic drugs currently stored at Entebbe Airport had been interfered with. Henceforth, the Police commenced a probe into the case. A team of experts from the Government Analytical Labaratory(G.A.L) and The Police Proffessional Standards Unit was constituted to investigate this information. It was, however, later established that GAL did not have the required re-agents to ascertain the proper composition of the drugs in the store.

In a report submitted to the IGP in July 2015, the team of investigators recommended that G.A.L should first procure the necessary reagents so as to ascertain the composition of the narcotic drugs in the store, before further steps could be taken to destroy them. Indeed, GAL is currently in the process of procuring these reagents.

On the basis of this report therefore, the IGP has halted the destruction process that was ordered by the Chief Magistrates court at Entebbe on 4th August 2016 to await the decision of the Government analytical Labaratory team, before any such destruction can be carried out.

This statement therefore serves to inform the public that the Police continues to investigate the allegation so as to ascertain the composition of the narcotics currently in store as we await the arrival of the re-agents ordered for by the Government Analytical Labaratory. The security detail for the store has also been reinforced to ensure professionalism.

ACP Namaye Polly
Deputy Press and Public Relations,


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