Polly Namaye speaks out on Pride event “As per the provisions of the Public Management Act such an event would require that the organisers notify the Police”


2016-08-06 14.53.15

On 5th August 2016 at about 01:00am, the Honourable Minister for Ethics and Integrity Simon Lokodo and officers from the Uganda Police Force held a meeting with the organisers of the Pride Event that was taking place at Club Venom located along Ggaba road in Embassy Zone, Makindye East Division.

The meeting followed an attempt by the organisers to hold a function for the LGBT community in Uganda at night, starting at about 09:00pm. The Invited guests came from different countries including America, Congo and Uganda. In attendance, there were close to one thousand(1000) people. As per the provisions of the Public Management Act(sections 3,4, & 5) such an event would require that the organisers notify the Police within the specified period for purposes of security of those in attendance as well as other members of the public who may be affected directly or indirectly by the event.

Therefore, the purpose of this meeting was to create a platform for dialogue with the organisers, as well as to caution them against planning public events without duly giving notice to relevant security departments tasked with ensuring the safety of the people in such a jurisdiction.

Sixteen (16) people were taken in into the Police station at Kabalagala, and information obtained from them was entered into the Police records for purposes of deterrence. They were then released from the station accompanied by their lawyer, Council Nicholas Opio. However on behalf of their fellow organisers, they were cautioned against further engaging in public activities without working closely with security, since this could jeopardise and put to risk the lives and properties of people.

Therefore, the purpose of this statement is to reaffirm the commitment of the Uganda Police Force towards protection of human rights for all, and observance of the laws of Uganda as a democracy. We also wish to dispel all misinformation surrounding the incident, and to call for cooperation with the Police force so as to avoid being in collision with the laws.

Polly Namaye
Deputy Press and Public Relations


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