Closure of schools belonging to Bridge International Academies -Ministry of Education



Reference is made to the article in the Monitor Newspaper dated 23rd August 2016 on page 12 entitled, ‘Ministry Halts closure of schools’.
The Permanent Secretary, on the 25th July 2016 directed that the schools be closed forthwith until such a time when the Ministry is satisfied that Bridge International Academies have complied with the Basic Requirements and Minimum Standards for schools in Uganda.
This followed findings by the Ministry of Education that revealed that over 53 campuses belonging to these academies are not registered, have very poor sanitation facilities and lack trained teachers and the curriculum in use in the schools is not accredited.
On the 5th August, however, the Ministry issued a temporary halt to the closure of Bridge International Schools to enable children sit for their end of term 11 exams and the District Local Governments to relocate over 10,000 pupils to surrounding Government Schools to continue with their education. This letter was written to All Chief Administrative Officers and copied to the Inspector General of Police.
This is to state with clarity that the Ministry has NOT stopped authorities in Jinja District from closing Bridge International Schools.
The Ministry stands by its earlier position. Bridge International Schools shall remain closed with effect from the end of term 11 until they have complied with the Ministry’s requirements and the law.
Dr. Rose Nassali Lukwago

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