Thank You #UgandaCranes

Courtesy photos

By Arthur Musinguzi

It was only one goal that has changed Uganda’s history forever. For three decades the Pearl of Africa has not been qualifying for African Cup of Nations.

A youngster, Farouk Miya brought the dream of millions of to reality with a simple strike of a rubber ball filled with air into the net of our rivals Comoros. What a fine talent we have in our hands!

For the first time under the scorching sun at Nambole stadium on a Sunday, one of those days of the week where we are expected to be relaxing is the day that Miya worked harder than an ordinary player, forcing the ball into the net after it attempted to fall back making it Uganda 1-0 Comoros.

It was noise, yelling, crying, jubilation and celebrating in all forms and languages by thousands of Ugandans at the stadium. Those who watched the match from the comfort of their homes woke up neighbors with that joyful shout of victory.

With all eyes glued on televisions, ears on radios and tears of joy in the spectators at Nambole we won. Many shouted in languages they didn’t even understand, I heard ‘‘Uganda Cranes Oyeeeeeee…..Cranes Oyeeeee’’ I didn’t have to know what they meant because I was in the greatest happiness of my life myself.

Among those in attendance was the First Lady, Janet Museveni now the Minister of Education and Sports, you could not help but see the joy in her eyes as she cheered the team after the first goal to the 90th minute that ended the match among others was Hon Betty Kamya, the Minister of Kampala.

Local and international journalists graced the match with their presence all forms of political party leaders where there to witness the greatness of Uganda Cranes.

Social media blew up in all directions thousands of hashtags were seen running down people’s timelines. Politicians like Amama Mbabazi, musician like Radio and Weasel where were already throwing tweets in total support of their team. Others like Nandala Mafabi and the President himself, H.E Yoweri Museveni also showed solidarity with millions of other tweets, the Ugandans, Rwandese, Tanzanians and people of all nations supported Uganda with one heart, you could not believe how much people love their countries until you went through all the tweets one by one, it was an awesome and historical day indeed.

Thank you Uganda Cranes for making us proud and putting your country on another level, we wish you the best in the African Cup of Nations. Enjoy every little bit of the victory you achieved for us. We shall always remember this moment.



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