UNRA is taking Uganda to a middle income status without doubt

By Arthur Musinguzi

Kisanja hakuna muchezo has kicked off in high gear with a marvelous job being done by Uganda National Roads Authority(UNRA) that has turned heads and made opposition members feel like joining Government for the first time.

Just recently in one of the local daily newspapers, Ssemujju Nganda the Forum for Democratic Change(FDC) Spokesperson, the leading opposition political party in Uganda was thanking Allen Kagina for the brilliant work she is doing without stammering or getting hiccups.

UNRA has been doing a lot of campaigns recently, the likes of fika salama, that has changed the perception of being on the road in Uganda, if you have not experienced it, keep calm, its coming.

More to that, here is why I praise Government, this project contract sum totals to Ugx 118bn and works are “expected” to be fully complete by March 2017. The contractor has sufficient stock of materials to do a good job!

This area, true to government setting of priorities, has both agricultural and tourist opportunities. Through Kamwenge is habitat for the wildlife and a crater lake. All these have been protected as physical works progress.

The world bank reports says infrastructure is one of the reasons for growth in agricultural and reduction in poverty levels in Uganda.

Furthermore, this is the famous Fortportal-Kamwenge road project! – 66.2km being upgraded to paved standard!
Upgrading means there was no tarmac before. Despite all the agricultural potential in area, farmers continued to move their produce on a terrible terrain. This is steadily changing. Kamwenge is one of the food baskets this country has! The project will only boost this aspect once complete!

As a brief description; it’s a world bank project and last year the bank withheld funds over cases of child abuse and other social concerns. Having taken over from an administration which I can say took little effort to prevent these issues on road projects, the suspension was a wake up call to the new UNRA and Government of Uganda.
In fact efforts have been made to correct the concerns raised by the World Bank and we hope they will lift the suspension.This project has progressed and its now 77% complete.

Thumbs up to UNRA for this great work!


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