Third National Partnership Forum

Government and development partners commit to agenda for getting results

Kampala, September 22, 2016: The Government of Uganda and its development partners today agreed on a joint agenda for “Getting Results” at the third National Partnership Forum. The Forum was the culmination of a month of joint reviews and performance assessments focusing on enhancing delivery of public service. The meeting focused specifically on the importance of strong partnerships and assertive political leadership to deliver better results that meet priority needs and expectations of women, men and young people in Uganda.

The Rt. Hon. Prime Minister, Dr. Ruhakana Rugunda, welcomed the constructive deliberations with development partners and applauded the outcome of the meeting:

“The Government’s agenda is clear: Uganda will be a middle income country by 2020. That is the target we have set for ourselves in the second National Development Plan, and that is what we will focus our minds and actions on achieving. The question is not, what to do. It is how to do it. The joint agenda for action adopted at today’s meeting includes some very clear actions in that regard”, said the Rt. Hon. Prime Minister.

Speaking on behalf of the Local Development Partners’ Group, the Head of DFID Uganda, Ms. Jennie Barugh, highlighted the importance of translating good intentions into development impact for the benefit of the country and its citizens:

“Our partnership with the Government is all about bringing tangible and transformative results to Ugandans, especially the most vulnerable groups. We want to see more children getting a good education. We want better health care services and improved employment and productivity, especially in the agriculture sector. And we need to accelerate the shift from high to lower levels of mortality and fertility. But all of this will require stronger emphasis on the nuts and bolts of public sector management, including greater transparency and accountability towards Ugandan citizens in the use of public resources and provision of development cooperation”, Ms. Barugh said.

The joint agenda for “Getting Results” lists a number of concrete actions, which are expected to accelerate implementation of national projects and programs. This includes implementation of performance contracts and client charters to promote better compliance with policies, audits and national priorities, strengthening public investment management and procurement. It also includes clarifying the roles of responsibilities in public service delivery, strengthening performance monitoring, and enhancing coordination of sector planning, budgeting and implementation.

The National Partnership Forum was attended by several Cabinet Ministers and Ministers of State as well as Ambassadors and Heads of Mission representing bilateral and multilateral development partners.


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