Luuka District to host Indepence Day Celebrations

Independence Monument 

The 54th independence day celebrations will be held in Luuka district under the theme ”protection of our independence through patriotism, unity and hard work.” The guest of honor will be H.E Yoweri Kaguta Museveni, the President of Uganda. Heads of State from East Africa are expected to grace the celebrations.

Several activities are lined up including among others a match by the security forces, citizens parade, grand entertainment especially by local artists and cultural groups, meddling of senior citizens who contributed to the gaining and defending of Independence.

Luuka district was created by an Act of Parliament and became effective from 1st July 2010. Prior to then, the district was Luuka County in Iganga District. It lies between 00 degrees 42 minutes North and 33 degrees 18 minutes East in Eastern Uganda, Busoga sub region. It is bordered by the districts of Kaliro in the North East, Iganga to the South East, Mayuge to the South, Jinja to the South West, and Kamuli in the North West. The District Headquarter is located in Luuka Town Council at the former Luuka county Headquarters (149km to Uganda’s Capital City – Kampala).The District has a population of 238,020 people, of which 51.4% are females. Between 2002 and 2014, the Population of Luuka District grew at a rate of 2.1 per year compared to 3.0% for Uganda.

Currently, the District is managed by the following Senior Officers; CAO – Lilian Nakamatte C/man L.C.V – Baker Luwangula RDC = NsubugaBewayo

Luuka District Local Government is charged with the responsibility of:
i. Improving the functionality of the Local Government for effective service delivery through enhancing the Local Government revenue base; improving the capacity and levels of staffing; strengthening the planning, and improving the capacity and competencies of the political leadership to perform their policy-making and oversight functions.
ii. Promoting and fully implement the Local Economic Development (LED) program through putting in place incentives to attract private investments and identify viable projects for Public Private Partnership;
iii. Promoting comprehensive physical planning for urban development through integrating physical planning in the local government development planning efforts; and institute the districts physical planning board
iv. Improving Community mobilization for development to address the general poor attitude towards work and community development, especially among the youth
v. Improving agricultural production and productivity
vi. Improving the physical and social infrastructure through construction and repair of major roads; physical infrastructure for health and education services, water and sanitation and waste management.

Luuka has registered the following ever since it became a District;
– Production;
Procurement of technologies for supporting farmers.
Nine thousand six hundred sixty eight (9,668) farmers were supported under the different farmer categories of food security farmers, market oriented farmers and commercializing farmers. The following technologies were procured and distributed to these farmers: 297 Dairy animals; 20,923 tissue cultured banana suckers; 17,135kg of maize seeds; 152,969 yam corm pieces; 16,844kg of beans; 401 pigs; 27,952 coffee seedlings; 10,440 layers; 2,782 Broilers; 1,372 catfish fingerlings; 304 bags of cassava cuttings; and 18,060 hoes.
Under the presidential youth support, the district received technologies worth UGX104,772,000 which included procurement of 20,000 pineapple suckers; 1000kgs of Groundnuts; 3 sets of maize mills; 8 OX ploughs; 50 iron sheets; 50 bags of cement; 40 local goats; 38 exotic goats; 18 Billy goats; 26 local oxen; 700 one-day old layer chicks; 300 one-day old broiler chicks; 188 gilts; 55 boars; 308 bags of sow and weaner feeds; 33 bags (70kgs) of chick mash; 33 bags (70kgs) of growers mash; 12 bags of broiler starter; 21 hand sprayers plus assorted drugs.

Health;Construction of;Ikumbya H/C III, Ntayigirwa H/C& 2 stance pit latrineVIP latrine with urinal at Kiyunga HC1V, maternity ward at Irongo H/C II1, Procured gas cylinders & 2 laptops, Completion of Itakaibolu H/C II , Construction of two stance VIP latrine with urinal at Irongo Maternity ward, Cage for storage of gas cylinder, Construction of mortuary, Fumigation of Kiyunga and Bukoova, Procured fire suppression equipment.
Example of completed health facility at Ntayigirwa health centre 11.

Education;Construction of33, 2 classrooms , Procurement of 1188 – 3 seater desks , Construction of27 – 5 stance pit latrines, Construction of teachers’ houses with4 bedrooms and 4 siting rooms for 4 occupants in 6 primary schools, Renovation of 12 classroom block and Rehabilitation of 06 classroom block in Luuka District.

Completed teacher’s House and classroom block at Buyoga Primary school

Water; under water, the following sources have been developed by type since Luuka came to exist;
Sub Counties Deep Bore-holes Motor drilled shallow wells Protected springs Hand dug shallow wells Rehabilitated boreholes Public latrines in RGC Home and village improvement campaign
Actual Total 81 47 9 44 89 7 9

ROADS;under roads, the following roads have been worked upon;
Periodic roads maintenance Busanda-Budhuba-Ikumbya (10.3km), Ikumbya-Kinu (2.0km)
Routine Manual roads maintenance Bukanga-Buwala (18.2km),Busalamu-Bunirira(8km), Busala-Nawansega (12.8km), Kiroba-Buwologoma (4km), Bulongo-Nabikuyi-Irongo (16.6km) Naigobya-Bukova (8.4km), Nawansega-Ikumbya-Nantamali (20.8km), Walibo-Okumu’s cane(1km), Waibuga-Konko(1km) Bubambwe-Namusenwa (0.11km), Bute-bubambwe (0.9km), Bukoyo-Butimbwa(0.32km)Buwologoma-Namukubembe (8.8km), Bulanga-Kyankuzi (2.7km), Bukova-Nawaka (10.6km), Busalamu-Waibuga (4.9km), Ikumbya-Bulike(8.8km), Busanda-Budhuba-Ikumbya (10.3km),Bunyiro-Kiroba (8.4km), Ikumbya-Kinu(1.9km), Kyanvuma-Wandago(4km), Bulanga-Waibuga-Busiiro(16.1km), Budhabangula-Naigobya (9.8km)
However, despite the effort, the rate of wear and tear is high compared to the resource envelop.

Investment Opportunities in Luuka District;
Through operation wealth creation, seeds, seedlings, breeding and stocking materials have been provided to farmers. It is therefore expected that sooner or later the output from these enterprises will increase tremendously hence calling for more investments in the areas of value addition and processing. Agro processing and value addition of most crops like maize, citrus, Coffee, mangoes, cotton,Seed processing, Fruit factory, Solar drier facilities. See table below showing viable small scale industries in Luuka District by Location.
Maize Maize huller Maize flour Maize brand Major trading centres in the district
Rice Rice huller Rice Rice brand Rice producing areas like Irongo and Bukooma S/c
Citrus Fruit factory, Solar drier Juice,chips – In Kiyunga town since its in the centre of the District.
Mangoes Fruit factory, Solar drier. Juice, fruit chips – In Bukanga S/c it has more mango trees.
Cotton Ginnery Cotton wool, oil and soap Cotton seed cake Kiyunga town since its in the centre of the District.
Coffee Coffee pulpier, Coffee huller Coffee beans, coffee beverages Coffee husks 23 Major trading centers in the district,
Cassava Cassava huller, Ethanol plant. Flour, starch 23 Major trading centres in the district.
Water for production
Our farmers depend entirely on rain fed agriculture. This has always affected production and productivity of most crops especially during periods of drought. However we are endowed with valleys, streams, wetlands and manmade dams like Namadope, and Nairika dams among others which are not tapped. There is need to promote small scale irrigation like peddle pumps, water pumps etc and there are many investment opportunities in this sector which farmers are willing to pay for like the selling or hiring out of the above water pumps and related equipment for example a mobile water tank fitted with irrigation pipes can be hired out during the hot weather to mostly vegetable farmers, who are most affected during such harsh weather.

Development of the input supply chain
Investment opportunities in the above areas include strategic marketing of quality agro in-puts like foliar fertilizers, insecticides, fungicides, Herbicides and seeds among others.

Opening of land for cultivation
As a district we only have few privately owned tractors and majority of them are engaged with sugar cane farmers leaving out farmers who don’t grow sugar canes. Investment opportunities in this area include, Tractor hire schemes, ox-plough services among others targeting all farmers of all crops.
Rocks like Mawembe, kitutoetc are some of our tourism sites;
Luuka District has some of the most beautiful Rocks in Busoga region like the waibuga rocks, kituto and mawembe rocks among others. Rocks like mawembe has hanging hills and caves which used to be hide outs for the Baboons which were its original Habitant and its cool breeze alone is favorable for leisure and adventure. If developed, it can help in the development of the service industry around Kiyunga and the surroundings. Hotels and motels can be constructed by private investors.

The district has 70 registered SACCOs, 23 are active. Though the district has the above financial organizations, there is an opportunity putting up a commercial bank, for handling the expected large volumes of finances from commercial farming system supported by operation wealth creation. Luuka has 28 primary cooperative societies.
There is need for investment in the production of quality fish fry to continuously stock the 169 fish ponds so far in the district. Which number is expected to rise with availability of quality fish fry, this can only be done through construction of a fish Hatchery.

Preventable diseases are the major cause of deaths and these include; prenatal and maternal conditions, Malaria, Acute respiratory tract infections, AIDS, diarrhea, tuberculosis, Malnutrition, etc. Investment Opportunities in the sector are; Establishment of Health Facilities, Training of Health care providers and Establishment of hospitals or clinics to provide HIV/AIDS health care services.

Investment opportunities exist in the following areas;
 Set up day care centres, secondary schools and tertiary institutions.
 Provision of technical and vocational education at sub county level
 Provision of specialized education of pupils with learning disabilities.
 In-service specialized training programmes, where opportunities exist with respect to the provision of specialized education or skills to address the imbalance of availability of unskilled or semi-skilled labour versus managerial and technical experts.
 Development of ICT skills.
 Managerial skills development.
 Construction of a facility to produce sanitary tissues.
Just as this day serves as a reminder of the immeasurable bravery of those who have made Uganda what it is today, it also renews in us the solemn duty we share to ensure our Nation lives up to its promise. We must build a culture compatible with economic prosperity and this we anticipate must include:
• Scientific and technological innovativeness, characterized by rising levels of investment in research and development.
• An energy-efficient economy with heavy emphasis on renewables.
• An equitable, efficient, simplified and production-driven tax system.
• An economy with strong and growing backward and forward linkages which foster a virtuous circle
• Protection of our physical environment and promotion of environmental sustainability.
On the social side, we must make the following commitments as we move into our 55th year:
• To foster a society where respect for human rights is paramount.
• To inculcate respect, honor and dignity in our everyday interactions.
• To promote discipline in our homes, workplaces, places of recreation and on the roads.
• To build strong, wholesome families.
• To care and protect our children, elderly and those living with disabilities.
• To protect the economically vulnerable and marginalized.
• To create opportunities for our young people to develop their full potential.
• To build a health care system that is truly universal in both access and quality.
• To provide adequate infrastructural facilities for our people to live lives of dignity—by providing appropriate housing, water and roads.
• To create decent jobs which allow for self-actualization.
These are not impossible dreams. They are attainable goals. We must commit ourselves to them and work towards them.
Please accept my congratulations and best wishes for every success in all of your planned events to make for most memorable celebrations. For God and my Country.

Lillian Nakamatte

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