Parliament should award people who play great roles for this country


I would like to remind people that have nothing better to do than gripe and complain about things, events going on, that people who strive hard for the benefit of their country are indeed volunteers however much they are paid, they don’t get paid for some other good things they do for this country, they work and give much of themselves for things that more and more frequently give nothing back to them, not even a simple thank you. Why don’t people people who work more be appreciated and appreciation is given to these few people who don’t serve a purpose for the whole country? The fact that they are not appreciated and get a lot of negativity from the from opposition figures for the work they do, please everyone take a step back and think of the nice things that people who work hard to develop the country have done that has made some positive impact on your life, be it large or be it small. Without those people that volunteer aiding you with various information on government performance, many of the things you take for granted every day would not have gotten done and would not continue to be done now. I think a thank you now and then would suffice as acknowledgement and appreciation, but the contribution of your hands and brains are also very welcome to this great cause of reaching the middle income status.

If you volunteered to help with something in your county and all you got in return was grief for it, would it sour you towards doing it again? Or doing more? I think no! But most of the people that volunteer keep on in the face of negativity to others and government bodies like parliament that doesn’t function to the people’s expectations enjoys all privileges ranging from proposing burial allowances and now even getting awarded on our small budget that we have, The money spent on these medals could help my people deep in the villages with water and health services.

For those people that volunteer to make sure our country gets there,Mr.Ofwono Opondo, Gen.Kale Kayihura, Col.Shaban Bantariza, Doctors at all health centres,Teachers allover Uganda, media houses giving our country positive reporting and all innovators. I know you do it because you honestly want to help, I know that you are special people and I thank you from the bottom of my heart, and wish you could all receive medals of valor for being the wonderful people that you are! But nothing is given to you other than your salaries and I heard the likes of some stubborn politicians who demoralize Uganda were awarded with medals, but for you our good people, be assured you have my heartly appreciation. Please keep volunteering for the good of our country. My family, friends and I appreciate you! And to the rest of you especially members of parliament receiving medals, when was the last time you did something nice for someone other than spending our money on your lavish ceremonies. My last message goes to however is in charge of the medals the next time you see someone laboring to make Uganda better, take a moment to thank them for the time they are taking out of their own lives to help even in small ways to make someone else’s life better.

Michael Woira, Patriotic Uganda


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