Statement by Minister Of ICT and National Guidance at the 26th UPU Congress, Istanbul, Turkey, 3rd October 2016



On behalf of my delegation, I would like to thank the Government and People of the Republic of Turkey for the kind hospitality extended to us since our arrival in this beautiful and historic city of Istanbul and the excellent facilities provided to make the 26th UPU Congress a success.

I bring you warm greetings and salutations from H.E President Yoweri Museveni, the Government and the people of Uganda. My delegation and I are indeed pleased to be associated with this continental event where visionary policies, regulations and development plans for the postal industry are formulated.

Mr. Chairman, today, there is no doubt that the modern world is undergoing an unprecedented transformation from the industrial society that marked the 20th century to the information society of the 21st century. In order to get equal and maximum benefit from this continued growth of the information Communications facilities including postal services, the world community ought to increase their efforts for more global cooperation and harmonization in appropriate areas.

We believe that this important Congress will create an important platform to deal with cooperation projects and exchange of views among the nations and together we shall be able to identify and adopt the right decisions to grow the Post further, especially in this constantly changing global ICT environment.

Mr. Chairman, Uganda is pleased to note that the Congress is focusing on issues that are indeed pertinent to us and the African continent as a whole. In this context, effective infrastructure, internet connectivity, electricity distribution, addressing, quality of services, security and capacity building remain paramount. We believe our discussion of these issues will provide the right solutions so as to reposition the Postal sector especially in the face of constantly changing global environment, which have posed multi-dimensional challenges to the postal sector especially in Africa.

A major challenge that we face as Governments, Regulatory Authorities, Postal Operators and other stakeholders individually and collectively is to quickly adapt to the changes in the Postal landscape to realise the benefits of an e- government, e-post, e-commerce and an e-world. As developing countries, we need to take advantage of the postal technological opportunities in order to overcome the challenges brought about by the digital divide.

Mr. Chairman and distinguished delegates, the Government of Uganda recognizes the importance of the postal sector in socio-economic development of the country and thus is committed to; Leveraging growth in communications services’ penetration using the Universal Access rural model

Adopting standards and ICT enabled platforms to reengineer processes and new postal product development

Promoting the role of the post as a viable medium in delivery of e-government services to citizens

We are further dedicated to strengthening the relevance and contribution of the Postal services by bringing on board all the stakeholders and member states, to implement the three (3) “I”s (innovation, integration and inclusion). This, we appreciate is key to the transformation of postal services from the basic delivery services to the three dimensional postal service that combines the physical, electronic and financial services.

In Uganda, we have embarked on this transformational journey through the following:
Implementing the National Addressing Systems and post code
Remodeling of our post offices through partnership with actors in other sectors
Partnering between various government departments to increase the diversity of services available through the post offices
Enhancing quality of service, reliability and efficiency of the postal networks by putting minimum QoS standards in place for operators
Increasing postal integrity and security and facilitate customs processes by developing draft Industrial security guidelines currently which have been shared with stakeholders
Facilitating international e-commerce (via RCDF) of the establishment of postal tele centers in various towns to be used in the provision of modern postal services

We look forward to strengthening these as well as others identified under the UPU and sharing experience with each other.
Uganda is further grateful to the UPU for its QSF project support initiatives during the cycle 2012 – 2016 which have improved transmission and delivery of inbound mail.

Ladies and Gentlemen, it is our belief, that we have a collective responsibility to ensure that this Union is positioned to coordinate identification and implementation of solutions that adequately address the social economic challenges of the 21st century.
In the new environment of

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