Are You Religious Leaders or Political Activists?


By Michael Woira

For purposes of learning and being advised by the senior citizens of this country who understand the laws of the constitution and the laws of the bibles, I am following up on Fr.Gaetano Batanyendha’s letter in the Observer published on Friday 14th November, I am a Christian. I believe scripture is the inerrant word of God. I believe that when scripture speaks with authority on a subject, it is accurate even though it sometimes forces me to confront seeming contradictions. I believe in one God who through the person of Jesus Christ has delivered me from sin and will return to judge the quick and dead. But I no longer believe in some of the religious believers in our country Uganda.

While there are many right thinking Christians and religious leaders in the Uganda, the Christian Right has become as worldly and polluted as the Christian Left. Christianity in the Uganda has found that God is ever changing. His pronouncements on different issues have evolved. The application of the Bible need not be taken literally. And sin itself must be affirmed. Now the Christian Right does the same. It ignores the right facts of the Bible. It excuses the sins of those on the team especially the learnt pastors, fathers and some Reverends.

To be clear, when I say Christian Right, I mean the real religious leaders who have tried to do their required job of preaching peace and uniting Ugandans and the Left I mean the unjust and partisan religious leaders, and we have these well known political pastors like Ngabo the defiance project preacher and Fr.Gaetano Batanyenda who are very partisan and always acting as activists for the opposition in Uganda.

By your actions and activism in politics, you have harmed all of our faith in you. You have made it more difficult to save the lost sheep and more difficult to protect the rights of faithful believers who have trust in you because we feel you are acting contrary to what the bible says.
You have dragged down the reputation of all the religious men of the Bible to justify the defiance and political agenda of the opposition.

You have even openly written in papers to prove how partisan you are asking whether the president is a politician or a statesman and also went ahead to give several explanations opposing all the political ideologies of the president who was voted into power by the citizens of Uganda and declared by the electoral commission as per the laws governing this country. Now I have a question for you Fr.Gaetano, Are you a religious leader or you are a political and FDC activist? You made Christianity partisan instead of making it holy and let me assure you that all the religious leaders that leave politics for the politicians and just guide the country on issues of religion and moral guidance are better. Also stop using the Holy bible to act partisan with kindergarten excuses.





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