Luwero is the Rome of NRM – Museveni


“Because Luwero is the Rome of NRM, it should be an example to the rest of the country as a model of improved household income due to operation wealth creation,” said President Kaguta Museveni.

Museveni is on a four day mission in Luwero district to monitor, mobilize and supervise the distribution of seeds to farmers under the hospice of Operation Wealth Creation (OWC) programme.

“I have come here to talk about the key to develop this area. When you look at a bus, it is a big thing, however it’s a small thing called a key that ignites it to move.

“So my mission these four days that I will be in this area is to identify and together agree towards the key factors that will spur development in this area,” said the President.

Museveni is of the opinion, Luwero should adopt the four acre policy; one acre of coffee, fruits, food and pigs each. Owing to success of the animal husbandry scheme in Ankole sub-region “this practice has uplifted household income in this region.”

He further expressed displeasure, that despite government allocating a lot of funds to OWC, supervision and implementation is still falling short.

Museveni concluded: “I will be visiting homesteads on foot to see the progress made so far and supervise.”

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