Museveni calls for documentation of OWC beneficiaries


President Museveni has called upon Muluka chiefs of kawuma village, Luwero district to stockpile information of how many people are engaged in Operation Wealth Creation ( OWC) and how many have not yet benefited in each Muluka.

Speaking during his four day OWC, monitoring and supervisory mission in the district, President Museveni who visited homes door to door also expressed his satisfaction towards progress made so far on the basis of households visited.

“There have been reports of seedlings distributed under Operation Wealth Creation drying up, but I am happy these ones are doing well,” he said.

“What I now want the leaders to do is not only stop at distributing seeds, but also follow up and supervise. The agricultural officials should also come and offer technical assistance to these farmers,” he added.

On the issue of land, he urged the RDC to assist and sensitise wanainchi about their land rights.


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