President Museveni promises to promote solar irrigation, warns against destroying swamps


President Museveni has appealed to Ugandans to desist from destroying swamps if the country is to achieve its goal of modernizing agriculture.

Speaking during a mini rally in Kabale District, Mr Museveni reiterated that tampering with swamps will lead to drought /climate change since “almost 40 per cent of the rain we receive here is as a result of swamps.”

“Modernizing agriculture is now being linked to environment protection. I am therefore asking people who are farming in swamps to stop it forthwith,” he said.

“I came here for two things, to commission this irrigation scheme and for us to talk about preserving the environment,” he added.
President Museveni also commissioned a solar powered irrigation farm at Charles Rutaroh’s farm in Kyerero parish, Rukiga County on Saturday. He expressed happiness that with the commissioned irrigation scheme, farming will neither be dependent on nor affected by weather patterns.

“I have been appealing to those that have acquired wealth to demonstrate to their neighbours how this is done because this leads to mass eradication of poverty. And this is what improves a community, individualism will not improve livelihood in a community,” he said.

He further praised Rutaroh’s demonstration works and pledged to expand the irrigation scheme to neighbouring homesteads of Kyerero with use of similar equipment.

“Improving household income requires two things; change from traditional farming to modern, but with economics (ekibalo) in it, by finding out what agriculture products will earn you more,” he added.


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