President Museveni wowed by Hotel in Kabale, urges Ugandans to invest.


President Museveni has applauded the entrepreneurial spirit of Satelite Hotel owner, Ms Harriet Masiko, appealing to Ugandans to exploit the conducive business environment to set up similar income generating enterprises.

President Museveni made the remarks after a stopover at the facility which is located along Mbarara-Kabale road.

The hotel, as told to President Museveni, started as a normal joint, with its proprietor selling food to fellow students while still at University. On completion of her course however, Ms Masiko decided to extend her clientele to the rest of the community.

Today, with the growing number of tourists in the area, the hotel beckons. It employs over 100 people directly and indirectly and most importantly, Ms Masiko grows most of the food that is served at the facility.

PICTURE: President Museveni with Ms Masiko at Satelite Hotel, Kabale District.


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