The Ministry of Education and Sports had several meetings and reminders requiring Bridge International academies to go through the licensing process for their “schools”.

The Ministry thought that the Academy would follow through with the process.  Their actions seemed to indicate that they never wanted to go through this process in the first place despite the agreement reached with them as a Ministry, of not opening up new “schools” from the Seven (7) centres they had at the time.  The academy management instead went ahead to open up 54 more centres (“schools”).  As if that was not bad enough, the issues raised by the Basic Education Work Group of not having trained teachers, no approved curriculum, substandard infrastructure etc., were not being addressed.  If anything, the situation got worse to the extent that the health and safety of the learners were put at risk as evidenced by the over flowing pit latrines.

This situation, following several reminders, led the Ministry to invoke section 33 (4) of the Education Act 2008, to close Bridge International Academy.

The Ministry thereafter made a statement to Parliament to this effect.

Bridge International Academies wrote back to the Ministry requesting that the schools be allowed to administer end of term II exams.  The Minister of Education granted this request.

The very day their request was delivered, was the very day Bridge International Academy filed a court case clearly indicating that they were acting in bad faith all along.

Court as a result issued an injunction to the Ministry, restraining the Ministry of Education to enforce closure of the Bridge International Academies.

This injunction has been in force until today the 4th November 2016, when the court ruling DISMISSED the application from Bridge International Academies, with Costs.

The Chief Administrative Officers in the district’s where these “schools” are located, the IGP, the Director Education Standards, all town clerks, all Municipal Education Officers, all District inspectors of schools, all DEO’s and Parents are informed and requested to make arrangements to have these children from these schools absorbed into the nearest UPE schools.




Permanent Secretary

Minister of Education and Sports

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