Hon Kibuule Ronald Inspects Works at Kapeeka Water Works Project Sites

State Minister of water Hon Kibuule Ronald inspected works at Kapeeka water works project sites where works to serve safe water to the communities of Koona Kirak,Kyelerezi,Singo Army Barracks,Kapeeka town and the proposed Industrial Park in Kapeeka are over 90% complete and the project will be ready by December 2016.
Hon Kibuule Ronald was amazed by the speed of works and further impressed that the project is internally funded by National Water and Sewerage Corporation (NWSC).
“This shows that NWSC is building capacity to do things on its own and I further commend NWSC for the rapid execution of the project.This is an early Christmas gift for the people of Kapeeka,Semuto and the surrounding areas added Hon Kibuule.”
The project encompasses a water intake, water treatment plant,storage reservoirs and associated transmission and distribution pipelines.
The project cost is UGX 10billion, fully financed by NWSC using money from customers who pay bills promptly.




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