Statement: Signing for construction of the Busega-Mpigi Expressway



December 29, 2016
Kampala- The project is a multinational operation covering Uganda and Rwanda. The Rwanda side of the project has the rehabilitation of Kagitumba – Kayonza- Rusumo road (208km), which lies in the eastern part of the Country.
The Ugandan side has the construction of the Busega – Mpigi (23.7km) four lane expressway, design review and construction supervision consultancy services, quality assurance, financial and technical audits, studies and institutional support and compensation of project affected persons (PAPs).

The Busega- Mpigi Expressway project is located in Central Uganda and forms part of the Northern Corridor. The existing Busega- Mpigi road is currently a two lane tarmac road (one lane in each direction) and is highly congested especially between Busega and Mpigi with over 26,000 vehicles per day. The road links Uganda to Rwanda and Tanzania and will entail the following components:
 Construction of a new four-lane expressway/ motorway of approximately 23.7km length on new alignment;
 Construction of 4 Major interchanges to facilitate interconnection with roads at designated locations (Nabbingo, Nsangi, Maya & Lungala);
 Construction of 20km of link/service roads (7m wide carriageway, 2×1.5m shoulders);
 Construction of 8km of auxiliary lanes (deceleration & acceleration), 2×3.5m wide;
 Construction of 12km of interchange loops (4.0m wide carriageway, 2×2.0m shoulders).
 Construction of 5 under/overpasses to facilitate closed access system; and
 Installation of Lighting for the entire length of the expressway;
This road is a vital missing link which will support the regional integration objective of partner states of the EAC and Great Lakes Region. This road will also support economic co-operation between Uganda to Rwanda.

The intervention of this road project is in line with the Uganda Vision 2040, the Second National Development Plan (NDPII 2015/16-2019/20), the Transport Strategy of the EAC; and the Eastern Africa Regional Integration Strategy Paper (EA-RISP), which supports development of infrastructure which has an impact on regional transport and integration.
Expected Benefits
The expected benefits include improved economic and social welfare of persons in the zone of influence of the road corridor, enhanced trade and regional integration and reduction in transport costs and travel time due to reduced traffic congestion.
The Mpigi- Busega Road project will be financed by the African Development Bank (ADB), African Development Fund (ADF) and the Government of Uganda. The financing from ADB of US $ 91 million) is to cover 47.34% of the total project costs. The financing from ADF resource under the ADF Performance Based Allocation and the ADF Regional Operation envelope, of US$ 60 million is to cover 31.22% of the total project cost. GOU will finance 21.44% of the total project costs amounting to US$ 41 million for implementation of the Resettlement action Plan/ Land Acquisition.
UNRA Management.


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