Parents Must Play a Role in Their Children’s Academic life


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The role of better performance at school should be at times attached to parents. I also believe that all parents are generally good decent human beings who deep in their heart mean well for their kids. You may disagree, but I simply point to Obama as an ideal example that I always read about and watch helping out his children and sacrificing a lot of time for them.
With that said, the problem I am watching unfold seems to have much more to do with a generational shift in parental guidance. It is not necessarily a particular handful of parents who are the problem but rather a macro-level generational understanding of a parent’s role in a child’s education.

I should start by describing how my generation’s parents and many others of before approached the concept of childhood education. The responsibility of education fell on the shoulders of the parents, then students, then on the teacher and schools.
That is not to say that our teachers did not have a role in poor performance or judgment, as in fact some did and it’s the reason I never used to like commerce and later failed it because the teacher was very rude. Rather, parents and students were responsible for filling in any gap in education delivery at home or on their own for good or bad and it taught us accountability.

These days, the exact opposite is happening. Parents are going back to teachers and placing blame on them for their child’s failing grade or misconduct. Moreover, any issue that shatters, or even scratches the perfect image of their child be it bullying another kid at school or any bad conduct, the parents put the blame on the schools.

Here, my emphasis is being directed straight to the families, Primary Leaving Exams (PLE) results are back and where I originate in the East over five districts were ranked worst. This became a norm yet we can overcome it by being helpers of our teachers while these children are back at home, why spend all the holiday with the children at home and don’t take time to tell them to revise their books but instead jump on sofa sets with them and watch Valika Vadhu?

How hard is it to at least get sometime and take your child through revision over the holidays?  Worst of all, parents can pay school fees but cannot take time to even inspect their children’s books till when they finish school.
All that seems hard for some parents and all they expect are miracles coming true because they pay school fees and teachers must enforce and impart seriousness and knowledge into their children yet at home it’s a different story.

I’m beyond sorrowful about the results for the children in my region and I now think parents must take on their role of proper parenting as the first priority.

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