PUBLIC NOTICE: Rolling out of the URA customs centralized Document Processing Centre (DPC) in Kampala



The Commissioner Customs informs the general public that Uganda Revenue Authority will be rolling out the Document Processing Centre (DPC) operation in Kampala.

All customs declarations formally processed at the Kampala Customs Business Centre (CBC) shall now be processed in accordance with the new DPC operational procedures. However the functions of physical examination and exiting of cargo shall still be performed at the Bonded warehouses “WHERE THE GOODS ARE LOCATED”.

The Roll out is scheduled for 06st February 2017 and will cover all Kampala declarations. Kampala CBC Operations will be shifted to the newly constructed offices except services of issuance of Motor vehicle number plates. DPC procedures will be rolled out to other stations in due course.

The Customs Document Processing Centre is a restricted area and is strictly out of bounds to the general PUBLIC including ALL Clearing Agents. Queries and amendments shall be electronically lodged and handled through the ASYCUDA world system.

This initiative will enable faster and uniform clearance of goods which will save valuable time and resources. All other procedures remain as were.

Uganda Revenue Authority is committed to ensure a faster and efficient clearance of goods through customs and calls upon the business community and the general public to embrace this change as we strive to Develop Uganda together.
Dicksons C. Kateshumbwa


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