Avoid Wasting Food to Curb Famine by @arthurtotally



Across the African continent today, is the challenge of famine that has hit us. It has gone to countries like Somalia, Kenya, Djibouti, South Africa, the youngest state, South Sudan and has also affected Uganda greatly as well.

Uganda is known to be green throughout the year thus the name Pearl of Africa and having the best weather to grow crops. In fact, Uganda is the largest producer of food in East Africa.  The biggest part of Tanzania is dry, Kenya as well. Rwanda is a very small country compared to Uganda and South Sudan has not settled security wise to give a lot of time to growing food. They import most of it.

Getting to the point, quickly. Since Uganda is naturally blessed in this way, why are we suffering like the rest or worse? The climate change problem is general, but we should have stored plenty of food to cater for this disaster. Therefore, I advise everyone out there even in places that have started receiving some rainfall of late like here in Kampala that even after growing that food. Please, store some of it. The speculations of the prolonged famine are still high.

Secondly, avoid wastefully throwing away food. Some people out there are eating dust like snakes. I had a chance to watch news on one of Asia’s televisions about a story on Africa in regard to the ongoing climate change situation. Children, wives, husbands don’t even have a drop of water to drink in Somalia. Majority in the feature story had not had food for over a week, and they were slowly dying and reducing in number.

Therefore in case you thought this was a joke, please better be serious. You find someone throwing away biscuits that are not expired but just because they do not like the taste. Even our local food, only cook the little you will finish, so that you do not throw away the rest, claiming it has gone bad.

People in palaces far away from busy towns and trading centers, please use irrigation and grow some food. Just recently, the President was teaching people how to irrigate with a jerrycan and people talked negatively about it on social media and the rest of the media. However, this is one of the best ways how a person earning a low income can save themselves from this famine that has seen thousands die across Africa.

Different Governments have made contributions in fighting against famine. In Kenya, exporting of food to other countries has been stopped and I think it is about time Uganda did the same. I watched the Prime Minister on one of the local televisions saying that it is a good idea. Implementing it should start as soon as possible.

Our Government has also cut budgets of ministries as ordered by the President. The money is to help the areas affected by famine. That is a very good solution and I hope the affected ministries will work with the little funds at there disposal until this problem is finished.

However, I don’t believe the Government should work alone in solving this issue. We, as the citizens of Uganda are supposed to also make forge solutions. Other countries like Namibia, Senegal and Somalia are already getting help from United Nations, as we talk. Kenyan musicians (Kulijana) made a song titled ‘No More Hunger’ to alert people about the ongoing problem and Uhuru Kenyatta has listened to the public outcry, although it still continues.

We can also go through this with innovating more ways to solve food shortage but throwing away food wastefully should stop. People should also make granaries to keep extra food. Farmers with excess food in other areas should think about selling their food to places that have a shortage instead of importing it to other countries like United Arab Republic, United States and others. Let us help our people first since we are all looking towards having a better economy and that cannot happen if people are dying of hunger like flies.

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