Ministry of Environment to commemorate World Forest, Water and Meteorological Day

Water Day.jpg

Ministry of Water and Environment will have a joint commemoration of world forest day, world water day and world meteorological day on 21st march 2017 in Luwero District.

The joint commemoration will be preceded by the national forest week, national weather and climate week and sanitation week(14th-23rd).
●The forest week activities will involve tree planting and a forest stakeholders forum.
●Weather week will involve a secondary school competition and climate change geared activities.
●The Sanitation week program is as follows;_*
Monday School Sanitation promotion program in all sites
Tuesday and Wednesday Community activities(clean ups, inspections, sensitizations,home visits)
Friday is the ‘D’Day for the sanitation celebrations. The sites will be in Luweero Town Council, Wobulenzi Town Council and Nyimbwa Sub County. The same activities will be going on in all these sites and the crowning that will take place on 17th March 2017 in Nyimbwa Sub County.

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