Old Kampala Senior Secondary School to re-open


On 14th July 2017, Old Kampala Secondary School experienced students’ unrest that culminated into its closure. The closure was necessitated by the desire to assure safety of the learners, all other members of the school community and property. Together with Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA), the Ministry of Education and Sports immediately constituted a Team to establish the cause(s) of the students’ unrest and come up with strategies for addressing these, including a roadmap for re-opening the school.
The Team interacted with a number of key stakeholders including a cross section of parents, teachers, students and some members of the public and generated useful information and recommendations. A report has accordingly been finalized and presented to the Ministry of Education and Sports for consideration.
While the Ministry of Education and Sports, together with KCCA, draws up a comprehensive strategy for implementing this report, consensus has been reached on the roadmap for re-opening Old Kampala Secondary School as per the programme outlined below.
Students shall be expected to report back to schoolready to resume studies in the manner and dates described hereunder, with each accompanied by a parent/guardian. No student will be allowed back in school without his/her parent/guardian.
Date Category of Students
Wednesday 26th July 2017 All Students of S6 & S4
Thursday 27th July 2017 All Students of S5 & S3
Friday 28th July 2017 All Students of S2 & S1

The Ministry of Education and Sports would like to thank all stakeholders and members of the General Public for the co-operation and support rendered to the team during the investigations and assures the general public that measures have been put in place to avoid a re-occurrence of any form of unrest. Accordingly, the Ministry and KCCA will maintain a presence during the entire period of re-opening and/or until normalcy and stability is guaranteed.

Alex Kakooza
Permanent Secretary


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